About Monaragala

Monaragala is the second largest district with a land area of 5,639 Sq.km Situated in Uva Province.It covers 8.6% of the total land area of the island. District General Hospital is situated in Sirigala area, 2km away from Monaragala town.There are 11 Divisional secretary areas, 319 Grama Niladari Divisions and 1,368 Villages in the District. Monaragala District genaral hospital is the largest healthcare institution, which offers secondary care services.

Mainly agriculture based income generating populace is living in this district. Monaragala district is situated in dry zone and gets rain by North-East monsoon, from October to April. Shortage of water in dry season is a big chalange to the people of this area.

District general hospital Monaragala with a bed strength of 370 caters to an estimated population of 501,349 in the district. It offers health services to 48,713 inward patients and 179,921 OPD patients in 2011. 115,414 patients were getting services through clinics and 5,268 deliveries have taken place in 2011.

Patients are referred or transfrred to DGH Monaragala from other district hospitals such as Bibila, Medagama, Siyabalanduwa, Inginiyagala, Badalkumbura, Buttala, Wellawaya and rural hospitals such as Rathmalgahaella, Pitakumbura, Buddhama, Kotagama, Nannapurawa, Deliwa, Dabagalla, Ethimale, Dombagahawella, Dombagahawella, Higurukaduwa, Okkampitiya.

History of this hospital goes back to 1,876 and it has been opened as the first Central dispensary in Sri Lanka. The hospital has been upgraded as a district hospital in 1961, as a Base Hospital in 1990 and as a district general hospital in 2005. DGH Monaragala consists of 10 wards and Intensive Care Unit, Preliminary Care Unit, Special Care Unit, medical laboratory, blood bank and Radiology Depatment.

These Services are delivered to the patient by 18 consultants, 72 medical officers, 3 dental surgeons, 204 nursing officers, 284 minor staff members, 13 medical laboratory technologists, 4 Radiographers, 3 Cardiographers, 21 family health workers, 3 medical record officers, 3 Physiotherapists, 12 Pharmacists, 2 Ophthalmic Technologists, 6 dispensers, 1 Adminstrative Officer, 12 office staff and 20 ambulance drivers. All together 749 employees are working hard to deliver quality patient care service.

All these staff members are working to provide the patient with, medical, surgical obstetric & Gynecological, Paediatrict, Anesthetic, ENT, Opthalmological, ICU , Special baby care, Preliminary care, Psychiatric, Dematological, Dental, Physiotherapy, Health Education, Infection control, ECG, Exercise ECG service, Medical Record Keeping and Quality Management Services.

Myocardial infection, ischemic heart disease, Septicaemia, Cerebrovascular accident, Renal Failure, Pneumonia, Bronchial Asthma, Diabetes Mellitus, Dog bites, Snake bites, Trap gun injuries and Accidenal injuries are Commonly treated in this Hospital . This is the only secondary care and center for the patients of the whole District.

Our Vission

Providing Wellassa people with the best quality public sector tertiary health care in the Island.

Our Mission

Provision of a quality health care & training of health personnel,using current medical practice & utilizing resources efficiently,in a friendly environment of good working relationship, where the patient care will be the highest priority.

Our Values

  • Ambition of making a delighted customer.
  • Team Spirit.
  • Learning Culture
  • Commitment for Green Productivity
  • Hospitality

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E-mail: dghmonaragala@yahoo.com

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